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$225 for 3 Sessions

Larger chair chamber for mobility challenges.

Bed chamber for faster compression.

Why does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work

When you're in a hyperbaric chamber the air around you gets compressed, oxygen is then purified and dissolved into your blood plasma. This delivers 3x more oxygen to every cell in your body!

Getting more oxygen and nutrients to the working tissue helps remove toxins and metabolic waste.

Oxygen is one of the most basic and essential elements required to sustain overall health.

You can go nearly 3 months without food.

3 weeks without water.

But you can’t go three minutes without oxygen.

Wether your 20 or 80 years old

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the tool you can use to help your mind body and spirit improve overall health and well-being.

$225 for 3 Sessions

In-Addition to the well documented uses for Hyperbarics there are hundreds off Label uses that are beneficial as well.

Here at Hinsdale Fitiness Club it is our goal to inform you of these wonderful uses and provide a clean safe and relaxing environment

to explore its possibilities and enjoy hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



Get more nutrition and oxygen to those hard working muscles while improving circulation and the nourishment that feeds these tissues affectively.Help yourself improve performance while quickly repairing injuries





HBOT Accelerates detoxification and helps clear impurities stored in the body. It opens up damaged tissue to circulation normalizing various enzyme systems functions and eliminates molds, heavy metals and other toxins while improving energy. It also Gifts you with deeper more restful sleep as well as sharper mental clarity.

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Rapid recovery from concussions and head injuries.

Study: NFL Showing athletes significant improve cognitive function with HBOT

$225 for 3 Sessions

HBOT Improves cellular age, hence improving the functionality of all cells Encouraging them to do the work that younger cells do.When we up regulate oxygen we create the natural ebb and flow the body needs to replace old cells and reverse sings of aging.


Oxygen helps reduce anxiety and stress levels and due to the heightened level of oxygen within the brain it creates a calming effect that reduces stress and centers your thoughts.